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Founded in 2005, KB settled in Tucumán to develop the production of fresh ORGANIC and conventional blueberries for export.

Currently, KB oversees more than 300 acres of blueberries located in Tucumán’s foothill area, Alpachiri (Chicligasta Department) and Soldado Maldonado (Monteros Department). The administration offices are in El Molino (Chicligasta, Tucumán) and Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires).

KB’s processing capacity allows us to process 100% of our fruit production. In addition, we rely on our own facilities to carry out the fruit conditioning treatment before dispatch to any place around the globe. This includes the bromide treatment for fruit exported to the USA. In addition, we provide the packing and conditioning services to different producers.

Since 2013, we have our own IQF Freezing Plant. The majority of our organic blueberries and organic strawberries are processed in our facilities.

The Tucumán local airport infrastructure enables direct shipments to the US Miami Airport. KB dispatches 90% of the fruit supplied to the USA through charter flights, thus reducing significantly transportation times to target markets.

At present, the Company’s main business is the marketing of both fresh and IQF ORGANIC and conventional blueberries. The USA, The UK, European continent, Canada, Russia, Iceland and Brazil are among our main foreign customers. Within the United States, KB is capable of conducting imports on its own name and distributing the products under DDP conditions.

We also produce ORGANIC strawberries at a lower scale. We commercialize strawberries in fresh and IQF. These are exported to USA and Canada as the main destinations.

In addition, KB has been present in the domestic fruit market for several years.


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