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    Blueberries: more investments and a stronger demand project an excellent campaign

    Producers from Tucumán emphasized the quality of their fruit.  The possibility of meeting with peers and customers at the Berlin Fruit Logistica, the fresh vegetables and fruits convention, carried out in Germany on February 6th to the 8th, allowed berries exporters to predict a prosper 2014 campaign. A retinue of 13 Tucumán enterprises participated at[…]

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    Season Summary: 2013

    In 2013, the US is still the largest importer of Argentinean blueberries at over 50 percent when compared against countries like the UK, Europe, Canada and others. All US blueberry shipments were also transported by air this past season. Initial Argentinean blueberry exports for the season were forecasted for approximately 16,000 MT. The actual total[…]

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    Citrus and berries search markets

    A mission from Tucumán offers the production in a fair located in Berlin With finding new markets to export lemons and berries from our province as their target, a retinue of 17 Tucumán companies participates in the “Berlin Fruit Logistica 2014” in Germany, considered the biggest fresh fruit and vegetables fair in the world. The[…]

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    The nutritional value of blueberries

    Studies from Clemson University and the USDA place blueberry in the number one position for its antioxidant  virtue, compared to all fruits and vegetables. According to the standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from the USA, it is defined as a fruit between low and free of fat and sodium, cholesterol free and[…]

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    During 2013 Tucumán was the largest blueberries exporter

    The consumption of blueberries is still increasing in Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Canada. The arrival of Tucumán’s blueberries to the european market allowed an increase of exports during 2013 , boosted by the installation of the cold chamber, which became a crucial factor for the quality of export. Despite drought and frosts that hit the province during[…]

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