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Fresh blueberries are produced by KB since the year 2005 in Soldado Maldonado (Monteros) and El Molino (Chicligasta), province of Tucumán. Our plantations have the following varieties: Emerald, Jewel, Primadonna, Rebel, Sapphire, Snowchaser, Southernbelle, Star, San Joaquin, Farthing, Scintillae, Sweet Crisp, Spring High, Misty, Blue Crisp and Millennia.
Guaranteed by different certifications (BRC, Fair Trade, Tesco Nature´s Choice, GlobalGAP, Organic, Kosher and HACCP), blueberries are the number one product of KB. It is exported to USA, UK, Continental Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, Iceland and Brazil.

Since the year 2013, we established our first IQF room in the facilities of Soldado Maldonado. Our IQF blueberries, also certified under BRC, KOSHER, GLOBAL GAP and ORGANIC, is exported and sold in Argentina.

Nutritional Values

Composition per 100 g
Calories (Kcal) 25
Water (g) 85
Protein (g) 0,9
Fat (g) 0,2
Carbohydrates (g) 5,1
Fiber (g) 3,1
Potasium (mg) 160
Vitamin A (μg) 13
Vitamin C (mg) 15

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